PMPA Membership Improves your Productivity and Profitability


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The Precision Machined Products Association helps your shops be productive and profitable. PMPA members benefit from the knowledge and support that they gain by actively networking and being involved in PMPA activities. This is the place for members to get the information they need to stay competitive as manufacturers and sustainable as businesses in the fast changing global economy. Core deliverables include:



Electronic Networking – Listserves

• Technical List: The questions posed on this list are our shops’ 9-1-1. How much is a down machine costing you each hour that you wait for a factory person to come in? By posting to our listserve, you will have three to four actionable responses to help you get your equipment up and running immediately. Need a gage? Can’t find a specification? Identify the ideas in best practice machining for difficult to machine grades. These are the recommendations you can trust because you know the caliber of people providing the assistance.

• HR and Corporate List: Limited access email forum where you can get actionable intelligence and assistance (policies, regulations, security, absenteeism). You do not have to solve every problem all by yourself.

Regulatory Assistance

• PMPA is the leading organization to provide regulatory assistance. EPA, OSHA and NLRB are areas that are all high-risk, yet easily managed when you get PMPA assistance.

• We deal with the agencies and comment on the regulations. We do not just lobby congress to do their job. We are effective, and our voice is heard. These are a few of the ways that PMPA will help your shop be productive and profitable.

To become the newest member of PMPA, contact Monte Guitar at mguitar@pmpa.org or call him at 440-526-0300.