10/15/2015 | 2 MINUTE READ

PMPA Names Bernie Nagle Executive Director

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“Out of that ‘shared aspiration’emerges the engine of positive change, fueled by the creativity and enthusiasm of an engaged workforce.”


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Bernie Nagle has been named PMPA’s new executive director. Mr. Nagle is the co-author of the book, “Leveraging People & Profit - the Hard Work of Soft Management” and has spent decades working in executive and leadership roles for Fortune 500 companies. Mr. Nagle was also once a senior consultant for Price Waterhouse and Coopers.

“I’m honored and very excited to assume the role of executive director for PMPA,” says new PMPA Executive Director Bernie Nagle. “I have been a passionate advocate for manufacturing throughout my career, and I am eager to help PMPA provide the information, resources, advocacy and networking opportunities to help the manufacturing
companies in PMPA become more productive and profitable.”

Mr. Nagle says he sees the executive director role at PMPA as one which requires one to listen and develop an understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of the organization and the challenges facing the industry. Mr. Nagle also believes the position requires him to provide purpose, focus and constructive guidance.

“Together with staff and members, I am convinced that we can make a difference,” Mr. Nagle adds. Mr. Nagle is the principal founder of Altrupreneur, a consulting group of business owners, C-level executives, managers, supervisors and workers at every level,
“who embody a covenant of mutual care, concern and sustainability in their relationships, both in and out of the workplace.”

Altrupreneur was founded in 1995 by Mr. Nagle around the same time he was writing his book. Altrupreneur aims to inspire a culture of enthusiastic engagement through the ideas of “servant leadership” in the workplace. An Altrupreneur is a transformational leader who understands a simple, fundamental principle of human nature: Engagement, creativity, discretionary effort and trust are gifts, given freely by followers, inspired by a leader’s willingness and ability to value and serve the led.

The ideas that fuel Altrupreneur’s consultant and public speaking work revolve around creativity, enthusiasm and innovation that are cultivated naturally in a workplace, not
through coercion.

“It has been my experience that followership derives not so much from the ability of an alpha individual to impress, inspire, motivate or dominate from an ability to create a
sense of mutual care and concern, and a tangible shared aspiration, deeply felt by both the leader and the led,” Mr. Nagle says. “Out of that ‘shared aspiration’ emerges
the engine of positive change, fueled by the creativity and enthusiasm of an engaged workforce.”

Outside of his work with Altrupreneur and PMPA, Mr. Nagle served as an executive board member for Conscious Capitalism Northeast Ohio, where he helped managers
develop conscious-driven business plans for a more sustainable work environment. Among several other positions, Mr. Nagle was the director of strategy and continuous improvement for Plastic Injection Molding and the owner and president of California Closets, where the business grew threefold under his ownership.

Mr. Nagle earned a bachelor’s degree in chemistry from Gannon University, where he was named Distinguished Alumnus. He earned a management certificate from Northeastern University Graduate School of Business and a certificate in Inspiring Leadership through Emotional Intelligence from CWRU Weatherhead School.

PMPA Executive Director Bernie Nagle can be contacted at: bnagle@pmpa.org.