PMPA National Technical Conference

Pit Stop Indy – Tune Up Your Team A CEU Eligible Event April 5-8 • The Westin Indianapolis • Indianapolis, Ind.

This year’s conference will deliver take-home information you can use to tune-up your shop’s performance.

This year’s conference will deliver take-home information you can use to tune-up your shop’s performance. Content will address the cross-section of talent and the various machining capabilities utilized by precision machining shops. Learn from a combination of professional speakers and leaders in the machining industry on topics and issues you face every day. Participation in the event will earn you credit toward PMPA’s Precision Machining Technology Certification. 

Extended Training    
Quality Workshop
Gary Griffith of Griffith Training will provide 3 hours of training. The first portion of the workshop will focus on the approach, planning and methods of applying SPC effectively in short production runs. The second session will focus on the advantages and disadvantages of functional gage designs. 

Cam Automatics Workshop
This workshop will help you understand how to best deploy your cam machines as a competitive advantage and provide a disciplined approach to troubleshooting. A ‘help desk’ guide of common troubleshooting questions will be covered. Emphasis will be on machine (not machining) issues. 

Professional Speakers     
Breon Klopp – His work changed the face of stock car racing’s pit road and is more often recognized as “the pit crew guy” than by name. His view of teamwork and performance is unique and significantly different than most. Breon will provide the keynote address as well as a breakout session focused on the importance of preparation called “Race to the Green.”  
Diane Thielfoldt  – The Learning Café will present two sessions. After attending the first session called “Knowledge Transfer,” the attendee will understand how to encourage informal and formal knowledge transfer as well as gain ideas on how to use these lessons in their shop. The second session called “How to Implement the Lessons Learned” will show how to take the lessons learned     from conferences and get them to "stick" back at the shop.

Track Programming     
Sessions are targeted to three groups of personnel: Technical, Quality and Management. Samples of  these tracks of programming include: 

Technical Track

  • Chatter
  • Crossover Concepts
  • Difficult-to-Machine Materials
  • Lightly Attended Machining
  • Machine Tool Builder Showcase
  • Print Discussion Sessions
  • Red Metal Clinic

Quality Track

  • Print Discussion Sessions
  • Quality Workshop – extended training
  • Today’s Quality: Culture & Concepts

Management Track

  • A Hands-On Understanding of Cloud Services
  • Change is Inevitable. Growth is Optional.
  • Sustain Shop Cash Money