4/16/2018 | 2 MINUTE READ

PMPA Technical Member Gosiger High Volume Finds Success in Customer Support and Offering a Niche Product Line

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More than 90 years ago, Clarence H. Gosiger founded the C. H. Gosiger Machinery Company in Dayton, Ohio. Today, the business is still family owned and has evolved to become a leading supplier and servicer of CNC machines and manufacturing technology. 

More than 90 years ago, Clarence H. Gosiger founded the C. H. Gosiger Machinery Company in Dayton, Ohio. At the time, it was a small, locally owned and operated machine tool distributor for general purpose machine tools. Today, the business is still family owned and run by Mr. Gosiger’s two grandsons, but has evolved to become a leading supplier and servicer of CNC machines and manufacturing technology with distribution locations and tech centers scattered across the U.S.

Gosiger now has more than 490 employees, as well as 14 different divisions throughout the U.S., including Gosiger High Volume, which specializes in providing solutions to high-volume parts manufacturers who serve a number of different markets, including the automotive, aerospace, defense and medical industries.

“Being a family-owned company is an advantage,” says Mark T. Walker, president at Gosiger High Volume. “The owners of our company know our customers well and are still very involved and engaged with what we do every day.”

Gosiger High Volume’s business took off in the 1990s and early 2000s when the company began distributing more niche modern technology, such as Euroturn multi-spindle automatic screw machines, Nomura CNC Swiss turning centers and BTB flexible, rotary transfer machines. With offices all over the United States, Gosiger is often able to import and sell equipment directly to its customers. In addition to distribution, Gosiger provides parts and repair services, process and application engineering and complete factory automation assistance.

“Our biggest strength is our ability to support our customers,” Mr. Walker says. “Compared with other companies who work in a niche industry like ours, we have more service people, engineers, spare parts and other resources that allow us to give our customers 24/7 product support.”

A recent jump in Gosiger High Volume’s business comes from its precision parts cleaning equipment. As manufacturing regulations become more stringent as they relate to parts washing requirements, Gosiger saw a great opportunity in providing iFP high-performance vacuum parts washers. In addition to helping customers meet regulations and save money associated with the cost of disposing of spent solvents or aqueous cleaning solutions, the machines allow Gosiger’s technicians to help customers improve cleaning operations for new parts in real time.

“Originally, we thought it’d just be a good way to be in touch with our customers on another level,” Mr. Walker says. “Today, parts washers are some of our top-selling products, because regulations are becoming tighter and tighter for the high-precision manufacturing.”

Another way Gosiger High Volume stays in touch with its customers is through its PMPA membership. As technical members, Mr. Walker says one of the biggest benefits of Gosiger High Volume’s membership is attending meetings and getting face-to-face interactions with customer personnel the company wouldn’t normally see. Gosiger High Volume also takes advantage of the insights it receives from the speakers and the content PMPA provides at its meetings and conferences.

“PMPA goes well out of its way to welcome and support its technical members,” Mr. Walker says. “The organization is made up of these companies that wouldn’t be able to provide these kinds of speakers, resources or programs on their own, so I think being a part of PMPA is paramount to being a part of the industry.”

Gosiger is located at 108 McDonough St., Dayton, Ohio 45402. Phone: 937-228-5174. Website: gosiger.com