PMPA's National Technical Conference: Developing Today's Talent for Tomorrow's Success


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 This year’s National Technical Conference is a machinist’s apprenticeship packed into 2 1/2 days of programming. The content of this conference addresses the cross-section of talent and the various machining capabilities utilized by precision machining shops. This year there will be three extended training programs calls “certification workshops” that will include a certificate of completion for attendees who complete each session within the workshop. Learn from a combination of professional speakers and leaders in the machining industry on topics and issues we face every day. Here is what is in store for you:

Certification Workshops:

1. Metallurgy for Machinists
This extended training workshop will give your machinists a better understanding of materials and their impacts on your processes.
2. Gaining Confidence with GD&T
Gary Griffith of Griffith Training will teach the GD&T symbols, interpretation and inspection methods using actual parts in this three part workshop.
3. CNC Programming Workshop
This three part workshop will start with the explanation of macro programming by teaching variables, system variables, math functions, logic statements and conditional branching, followed by further examples and techniques.

Keynote Speaker:

David Rutherford of Froglogic Concepts LLC is a former Navy SEAL who served honorably for 8 years in the Naval Special Warfare Community. He was a combat paramedic, operator and instructor during his time with the Navy SEAL Teams, participating in thousands of high risk training missions. David’s message has reached over a million people, guiding them to forge their self-confidence and commit to living the Team Life.

Track Programming:

Sessions are targeted to three groups of personnel: Technical, Quality and Management. Examples of these programs include:
• Achieving Lean
• Additive Manufacturing – Printing Metal Parts
• Benefits of 3D Modeling
• Common Pitfalls in Interpreting Quality Indexes
• Cost of Quality – Real Shop Examples
• Finding Skilled Talent – An Alternative Approach
• IT Disaster Recovery Solutions
• Machining Center – How Do You Fixture That?
• Machining Technologies Showcase
• Managing Maintenance
• Maximizing Tool Performance
• Self-Confidence
• The Lost Art and Beauty of the Automatic Bar Machine

Website: pmpa.org/techconf/

Precision Machined Products Association