5/12/2016 | 1 MINUTE READ

PMPA’s National Technical Conference Recognizing Major Success

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Seventy-eight leading suppliers of our industry presented the latest developments from their companies at the “Technical Member Exhibit” session.


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This past April, top industry talent from North America converged in Grand Rapids, Michigan, to enjoy a conference that turned out to be one of the highest-rated in the history of the 55-year-old event. More than 400 technical, quality and management professionals from 170 companies heard from industry experts and shared their experiences in the networking events that followed. Participation in the event earned attendees credit toward PMPA’s “Precision Machining Technology Credential.” One-quarter of the attendees were fi rst-time participants, many of these millennials, looking to expand their knowledge about the precision machining industry.

Brian Such from Marubeni provided a CNC Swiss session that is still being discussed on PMPA’s Listserves. Lib Pietrantoni from CJWinter personally trained the next generation of machining experts on the latest developments in thread rolling technologies. The approach taken by these two professionals, and every other speaker at this event, was one of interaction and sharing, assuring that no question went unanswered.

Seventy-eight leading suppliers of our industry presented the latest developments from their companies at the “Technical Member Exhibit” session. Tools and accessories were on display, including the latest computer software, machine tools, metalworking fluids and machining accessories. In addition, factory experts were available to fi eld questions on maintenance, raw materials, software, machining methods
and troubleshooting.

“Over the horizon” topics were discussed. Subjects ranging from how shops can use additive manufacturing within their operations, to what an organization must do to ensure successful implementation of the new ISO quality standard, were covered. These sessions offered an opportunity for inquiring shops to ask their questions about what they can do to make their shops successful tomorrow.

The highlight of this conference was the opportunity for the association to recognize one of the biggest proponents of our industry. Mr. John “Jack” Steuby Sr., president of the John J. Steuby Company, received his 80th PMPA meeting pin at this conference. Jack continues to be an inspiration by continuing to search for better ways to improve his business. He has been a great advocate for our industry, the National Technical Conference and PMPA. Thank you, Jack.