PMPA’s National Technical Conference—Rethinking Talent & Technology

April 23-25 * Greater Columbus Convention Center * Columbus, Ohio


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This year’s conference will address the cross-section of talent and machining capabilities in use by precision machining shops. Learn from a combination of professional speakers and leaders in the machining industry about the topics and issues you face every day. Participation in this conference will earn you credit toward PMPA’s Precision Machining Technology Credential. Here is what is in store for your team:

Titan Gilroy: Titan Gilroy is the owner of Titan America Mfg, an elite aerospace CNC machine shop in Northern California. He is also the executive producer and star of the television series, Titans of CNC (formerly Titan–American Built). Titan has fast become the voice of the manufacturing industry. Through his story, Titan will share a message of hope and redemption that the country and world need today. With his expertise in running his CNC shop, Titan will offer practical outlook and inspiration. In
addition to his keynote address, Titan will also have a breakout session to share his vision for the new generation of machining talent.

Extended Toyota Kata Training: Best-selling author Mike Rother will conduct two sessions that are focused on Toyota Kata. The first one will review the research fi ndings that gave us the book Toyota Kata. Dan Vermeesch of Micron Manufacturing Co., will join the discussion to share the transformative power of practicing the Improvement Kata and Coaching Kata at Micron Manufacturing. The second session will be a hands-on exercise, where Mike will introduce the pattern of the Improvement Kata. After this session, participants will be able to run the exercise themselves.

Professional Speakers: Joan Snyder Kuhl of Why Millennials Matter will share research on generational dynamics between millennials, generation Xers and baby boomers with perspective and advice on the best ways to engage, bridge and bond. The session will discuss the challenges that millennials and generation Xers face when dealing with baby boomers. Boomers will learn why they may need to modify their behaviors in order to facilitate clearer communications and understanding by their younger cohorts.

Gary Griffith of Griffith Training will walk you through the process of what is needed to understand your process capability by reviewing process capability studies, providing examples of capability studies and machine capability runoffs.

Amy Bruske of Kolbe Corp. will help you understand the creative instincts that enable individuals to improve productivity, enrich business partnerships and engage in rewarding careers. Going beyond a focus on skills and personality, Amy will share critical information on how to put the right people in the right roles and on the appropriate tasks.

Featured Programming: Sessions are targeted to three groups of personnel: technical, quality and leadership development. Samples of these tracks of programming include:

Technical Track:
• Rotary Transfer – Understanding the Full Capabilities
• Vendor Challenges
• Maintenance for Machinists
• Multi-Spindle/Davenport – Attachment Focus
• Beyond X,Y and Z: Milling in a Five-Axis World and Beyond
• Cost of Manufacturing
• Operating Parameters
Quality Track:
• How to Accomplish Zero Defects
• ISO Transition – Risk Focus
• Automation
Leadership Development Track:
• Practical Use of the Latest IT Technologies in Your Shop
• Apprenticeships and Training
• Fostering an Environment of Continuous Improvement

Website: pmpa.org/techconf/
Questions: Call Monte Guitar at 440-526-0300