Precision Machining Technology Review: Cutting Tool Technology

Production Machining showcases some of the latest cutting tool technology from Horn, Heimatec, Big Kaiser, Tungaloy and Inovatools.


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Start the New Year off right by staying up-to-date with some of the latest new and improved products in the precision machining industry. Every month, we’re putting together a Technology Showcase, highlighting some of the new product information that PM received from supplier companies. For February, we focused on Cutting Tool Technology, including a unique insert clamping system, angle head tools with coolant-through design, an automatic adjustment fine-boring system, a high-speed spindle driven by coolant, and an aluminum roughing end mill.

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  • Understanding CNC Collet Chucks

    Workholding for turning is usually fairly basic: The selection comes down to chucks or collets. This article looks at when to consider the collet chuck and what kind might be best for a given application.

  • Making Micro Threads

    Production of micro threads can be challenging, but using the most suitable tools for a given application can simplify the task.

  • Swiss-Type Machines: More Than Just A Lathe

    CNC Swiss-Type machines have more capability built in than ever before. Many of these capabilites can be accessed using attachments that increase the throughput of the machine tool, improve the quality of the work coming off the machine and reduce or eliminate the need for secondary operations even for very complex workpieces.