"Mission" CONTROL

Proper use of controls provides a safe operating environment in many aspects of our daily lives.


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"Controls restrict, restrain, limit and regulate..." Proper use of controls provides a safe operating environment in many aspects of our daily lives. Traffic lights, stop signs, machine controls, blueprints and ISO operating systems are a few examples of well-intended and effective uses of controls.

"The misuse of control inhibits progress, fuels discontent and adds stress." People with authority and position frequently misuse control by dominating and directing others, thus restraining innovation and creativity. That’s what happens in a dictatorship. Speed traps, congressional earmarks, the complicated tax code and manipulating people are elements of control, which also have negative impacts. Unlike positive controls, which create a safe operating environment, negative controls tend to be self-serving, even at the expense of others. These forms of control seldom generate positive results.

"Democracy (majority rule) is doomed to failure...eventually leading to anarchy or tyranny." The mission statement of Vanamatic Company begins with "Unity, Empowerment and Teamwork." Each of those words focuses on bringing people together, similar to the good aspects of a democracy. Democracy (majority rule) also has a bad side. The power of the majority succumbs to internal pressure and oppresses the minority. However, working together to achieve the mission greatly improves the odds for success.

People who are empowered work as a team and arrive at a unified decision; they don’t necessarily make the right decision. Power, authority and manipulation can corrupt "Unity, Empowerment and Teamwork."

"Dictatorship and Democracy...according to rules...provide manageable controls." Privately owned business is inherently a form of dictatorship. Business owners must balance personal decisions with business decisions. The personal, financial ties to the business often require owners to "go it alone" when making some decisions. Owners can effectively manage control in these situations with a sound set of guiding principles and rules.

Our company’s complete mission statement, "Unity, Empowerment and Teamwork — The Right People, Making the Right Decisions, At the Right Time," has all the components to effectively manage control. Creating a safe, respectful operating environment depends on a well-thought-out system of guiding principles and rules. Systems that set principles and rules limit the control of dictatorship, democracy, tyranny and anarchism. Systems and rules must generate positive results; otherwise, they should be abandoned.

"We cannot go wrong...if we follow our mission." "The Right People, Making the Right Decisions, at the Right Time" is failsafe. Setting up a well-defined set of guiding principles and rules will aid the decision-making process. Principles and rules such as Our Company Vision and Mission; The Living Business Plan; ISO Quality and Environmental Systems; Advanced Quality Planning and New Product Launch; and The Employee Handbook are examples of systems and rules that both establish and limit control while providing a safe operating environment.

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