Robotic Part Handling Reduces Labor Costs


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To remain competitive, many manufacturing companies are looking for accurate, reliable and maintenance-free machine tools offering fast change-over, programming and setup. Robot technology can provide an excellent base for machining because it is flexible and affordable.

Applications that are highly repetitive in nature can be good candidates for part handling. Other applications that go hand-in-hand with robotics are multi-shift work, applications that require minimal or no part change-over, and automation-friendly applications.

Does your shop operate turning centers? Robotics for part loading and unloading on turning centers can reduce labor costs. Shops machining large, heavy parts can often benefit from automation because these jobs are labor-intensive. Manufacturers with families of parts, including those with small lot sizes, are also candidates for automation.

Automation system solutions can be designed to accommodate different requirements, and working closely with a reputable system integrator will yield the best results. It’s important to explain in detail to the integrator what the expectations are for the automation at your shop. With the right robotic automation, a solution can be implemented to meet your shop’s unique requirements, which will lead to increasing productivity and decreasing part costs.

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