Robots and Swiss Machines Collaborate at Hanwha Booth

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Hanwha Machinery America’s booth features gang-tool type models including the new XD20/26II-V with re-designed B and Y2 axis, and a XD38II-NY also being exhibited with collaborative robots.

IMTS 2018 Exhibitor

Hanwha Machinery America, Inc.

South, Level 3, Booth 338786

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Hanwha Machinery America, a manufacturer of CNC automatic lathes, is exhibiting a range of gang-tool type models at its booth. This includes the XD20II-H, XE26H, XD38II-NY, XD38II-HY along with a turret-type STL38HY and a new machine: the XD20/26II-V. The last machine has an enhanced, redesigned Y2 axis and a B axis that has been upgraded for stronger and more rigid performance with complex parts such as those machined in the medical industry.

The XD38II-NY is also being exhibited, this one with collaborative robots created by the company for the first time in the United States. These cobots, part of the Hanwha Techwin HCR series, are meant to handle repetitive tasks that also require precision and consistency. This system is compact, designed for easy setup and programming. Operation is said to be masterable in less than a day with an intuitive software GUI (graphic user interface) and teaching pendant. There is also a collision detection function that will immediately freeze the robots in place if they detect a bump. This new concept of cooperative work between Swiss-type machines and robots is intended to respond to the marketplace’s demands.


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