Somma Tool Values Collaboration Among PMPA Members

There is such a high level of collaboration even though the members may be competitors; everyone is willing to give to others.


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Somma Tool Inc. recently celebrated its 75th year of service in the precision machined products industry and is the leading manufacturer in the United States to offer a full line of tooling for screw machines. 

The company was founded in 1939 by Gerard Somma, a machine apprentice who came to the United States from Italy and decided to start manufacturing form tools in a time when screw machinists had to buy tooling from distant sources. Today, Somma’s top products are cutting tools, broaches and toolholders, and they are excited about the recent launch of their new, tougher and longer-lasting Forte broach line.

“Our full line of products serve shops in nearly every industry,” says Rob Somma, design and manufacturing engineer, and member of the family’s fourth generation, at Somma Tool. “Our customers supply precision parts across automotive, aerospace, medical and many other markets.”

Somma became a PMPA technical member in 1975 and is active in the association on both national and local levels. Members of Somma’s staff serve in local chapter leadership and on national committees. The company also participates in national conferences and exhibits at the Precision Machining Technology Show (PMTS).

“The technical conference is a great tool for us to learn and grow,” Mr. Somma says, who is on PMPA’s Technical Program Committee that plans the PMPA National Technical Conference (coming up in April). “I think I’ve probably learned more at PMPA conferences than in my years of schooling.”

According to Mr. Somma, the 2015 conference is an education and growth opportunity to look forward to. 

“There’s always great collaboration during the sessions and I feel that everyone walks away with valuable information,” he explains. “This year, there is a metalcutting workshop planned. It will be similar to a workshop at a recent mini conference where the attendees found it helpful to be able to see how the different feeds and speeds affect cutting and chip formation.”

He is also looking forward to the quality speakers who have been engaged to participate in the conference. 

Mr. Somma went on to explain that the events are only one of many benefits to the company as a technical member of PMPA.

“Being able to get the Somma name out in the industry and actively receive feedback from the members on what they need is incredibly valuable. Our membership has been the best way to connect with end users,” Mr. Somma explains. 

Somma Tool also benefits from PMPA’s online resources, including the Listserves and the association’s blog, pmpaspeakingofprecision.com. 

“PMPA is a great place for working out problems and issues,” Mr. Somma concludes. “There is such a high level of collaboration even though the members may be 
competitors; everyone is willing to give to others.”