Star CNC Booth Introduces Two New Machines

At IMTS this year Star CNC is introducing the SR-38J and SK-51 CNC Swiss-type automatic lathes, two machines equipped to meet the skilled workforce challenges facing manufactures today.


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Star CNC, a manufacturer of turning machines, has a range of CNC Swiss-type automatic lathes on display this year: the SV-20R, SB-20R/G, SR-32JII, SW-20, ST-20, SR-20JII and two new models: the SR-38J and SK-51.

“The SR-38J is very similar to the SR38B,” says George Bursac, general manager, sales. “The difference is the J does not have a B axis. Instead the J has additional tools where the B-axis block would be.”

The SK-51 has three different versions. “The SK-51 at IMTS is a simpler version that has backworking capability,” Bursac says. “The turrets are very much the same as what we have on the ST-38 and it has the same tooling.” This is after an earlier version was made in Japan that did not pass approval; it was discarded in favor of the new design. 

With the SR-38J and the SK-51, Star CNC hopes to meet the skilled workforce challenges facing manufacturers today with the machines’ high operation efficiency, simple and logical operation, flexibility and rigid construction. The company’s engineers strived when designing the machines to improve performance, safety and ergonomic design to deliver maximum production efficiency and cost-savings.