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The Corps Group is excited to be a part of the 2011 Precision Machined Products Association’s (PMPA) National Technical Conference.


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The Corps Group is excited to be a part of the 2011 Precision Machined Products Association’s (PMPA) National Technical Conference. The Corps Group will be presenting its “High-Performing Organizations: A Workable Plan for a Winning Culture” keynote in addition to providing a program titled, “Train the Trainer, Top Gun Style.”
What does this mean for Technical Conference attendees? For starters, some of the finest Navy and Marine aviators on the planet will be sharing the very lessons that ushered them into a select category of high-performing military elite with some of the best engineering professionals and skilled machinists in the world. These presentations are designed to challenge, inform and inspire both PMPA members and attendees to move to higher levels of performance in a recovering economy.  
What do fighter pilots know about business? After extensive training as U.S. aviators, they discovered that flying fighter jets also equipped them for unmatched success in the business world. They are world-class execution specialists. The highest performing organizations practice the same disciplines perfected by the world’s finest U.S. Navy and Marine aviators. 
We work in a world that is changing at lightning-fast speeds. How will your organization be successful in these challenging times? Transforming your team into a High-Performing Organization is critical in order to survive and thrive in these turbulent times. Organizations that have High-Performing Teams also have a significant competitive advantage that is difficult for other organizations to copy.
The Corps Group has shared the processes learned from carrier-based aviation, and produced results for global and national businesses in a variety of industries. The group is able to achieve these results because the principles it teaches are effective no matter how large the company or in what industry it operates.
The Corps Group knows what it takes to win in one of the highest-pressure environments imaginable, where inconsistent execution can generate catastrophic results. There is no room for error when our “office” is traveling well past the speed of sound. There is no room for error when YOU and your machine are going 6,000 rpm. We get it.
The High-Performing Organ-ization keynote. This motivational keynote address will share fighter pilot-proven, high-performing methodologies designed to help you and your team drive focus, help align your team and improve execution. Attendees will walk away inspired, with cutting-edge, time-tested principles, tools and techniques, turning them into battle-ready High-Performing Organization members.
The High-Performing Organization framework helps you:
• Grow leadership potential
• Gain alignment, while working with a purpose
• Minimize risk
• Learn fighter pilot debriefing techniques
Train the trainer—Top Gun style. How do you train your employees? The Corps Group will show you why training is critical, why who creates the training is important, and why all of the “trainers” in your company play a crucial role in the success of your business. Effective training tools will be presented for you to take home in order to create a can-do training culture in your shop. Come and see how world-class training is done—top gun style.
Let the Corps Group help you create a flight plan for success. Come join The Corps Group in Columbus for the 2011 Precision Machined Products Association’s National Technical Conference. Learn the processes necessary to elevate your team and turn it into a High-Performing Organization. Get ready to elevate and dominate.