Technical Member Hydromat: Committed to Innovative and Flexible Solutions

Hydromat is committed to the technical conferences and providing current, interesting and relevant information for members so they can get the most out of sessions.

Providing Production Solutions for More Than 35 Years

Hydromat, in its 36th year of U.S. operations, is a well-known name in the precision machining industry. The manufacturer has been supplying machine shops with top-quality, precision-transfer machines produced in St. Louis since 1979 and fosters a culture of quality precision in order to meet its customers’ production needs with innovative, flexible transfer solutions. 

“Hydromat machines are designed to deliver value by eliminating secondary operations and providing complete end-to-end machining, quick change-overs and significant materials savings,” says Rodger Boswell, vice president of sales for Hydromat. “Today, precision parts are more complex and our competitive advantage offers processing capabilities to complete them in a single operation, increasing efficiency and return on equipment investment.”

Mr. Boswell joined Hydromat in 1990 as a field service technician. He has a degree in engineering and mechanical experience. He completed a 2-year, tailored program to sharpen his engineering and management skills, as well as gain more diverse industry knowledge and was advanced into program engineering. When Hydromat entered into aftermarket rebuilding and remanufacturing, Mr. Boswell moved to customer service and was transferred to sales in 2000.

“I’ve had the fortunate opportunity to be with the company for 25 years. I worked in many areas, and I know our machines and technology very well,” Mr. Boswell says. “My skills and expertise are in our processing capabilities, in reviewing customer applications and recommending cost-competitive production solutions.”

Benefits of Technical Membership

Hydromat became a PMPA technical member in 1990, the same year Mr. Boswell joined the company. 

“My first experience with PMPA was at a tech conference in St. Louis,” Mr. Boswell recalls. “Our membership helps us reach out into the market. We’re here to help educate the association and give members the knowledge to make investments in equipment. Each job is unique, and a Hydromat product may not be the right fit for each one, but when it is a good fit, it’s a great solution.”

Mr. Boswell explains that Hydromat is committed to the technical conferences and providing current, interesting and relevant information for members so they can get the most out of sessions. 

The exposure and networking is a valuable benefit of PMPA technical membership for the company.

“People still like to work with people that they know and trust,” Mr. Boswell says. “Companies shouldn’t make high-dollar investments with people whom they aren’t 
familiar with, comfortable with or trust.”

Mr. Boswell began a 3-year term as a member of the PMPA board of directors in October after being elected at the Annual Meeting. “I appreciate the opportunity to collaborate with other members to help govern and strengthen the organization,” Mr. Boswell explains.

Hydromat will be in Booth 423 at the Precision Machining Technology Show, April 21-23, in Columbus, Ohio.

Hydromat is located at 11600 Adie Road, St. Louis, Missouri, 63043. Phone: 314-432-4644. Website: