The Buzz about Additive


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Upon returning from the International Manufacturing Technology Show (IMTS) that took place earlier this month, I’m reflecting on all the technologies that were displayed on this year’s monstrous show floor. Additive manufacturing was certainly the buzz: 3D printers of all sizes were displayed, and their processes were showcased in the North Hall’s additive pavilion, where 3D printed cars were placed at the hall’s entrance for attendees to gape at in amazement.

Although many are intrigued by the process of additive manufacturing, some might be under the assumption that it is beyond the capabilities of a metalworking shop; after all, metalworking shops have been doing subtractive manufacturing since their beginning, and this opposite technology seems out of their league. But we need to get out of this mindset because these assumptions are not correct. Additive is not going away, and it is the technology of not only the present, but the future. Shops are capable of this technology, and by working with new additive processes, a business like yours can be more successful.

C&A Tool is one example of success by a continued investment in technology, including additive manufacturing machines. Read about this company here as well as the many benefits of additive technology, which include the production of more durable parts, cleaner processes and better cost effectiveness. Read more here.

For even more articles on additive manufacturing, visit the additive manufacturing zone on Modern Machine Shop’s website, or visit the AM website, PM’s sister publication that is devoted to the AM process.  

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