The Educational Foundation’s Reimbursement Program

Industry Employees Who Pass NIMS Credentialing Tests Are Eligible For Grants


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The Precision Machined Products Association's Educational Foundation was formed to benefit the screw machine products and turned parts industry by promoting educational programs and research through charitable activities.

The foundation has established five primary areas of focus or objective:

  1. Establish partnerships with high schools and technical colleges providing or developing metalworking training programs.
  2. Develop training programs for use by the industry and others to improve the knowledge and skills of the precision machined products industry’s workforce.
  3. Support the development of industry-specific skill standards for new metalworking technologies and revisions of existing standards to meet the current needs of the precision machined products industry.
  4. Develop and distribute informational brochures and similar communications about the industry to schools, instructors, parents and teachers in areas with concentrations of metalworking companies.
  5. Collect and maintain information on industry-related training programs provided by various vendors, including machine tool builders, schools and training program vendors.

As a major step in achieving these objectives (particularly the third one), the foundation has established a reimbursement program for individuals who successfully complete a NIMS credentialing test in a skill area related to the precision machined products industry.

The National Institute for Metal-working Skills (NIMS) is an organization that has developed national skill standards for the metalworking industry, including standards for CNC turning and screw machines. The heart of the institute’s service is a credentialing program in which employees or students can take a test. The test includes both a paper/pencil test and a hands-on project to measure metalworking skills.

The cost of credentialing tests start with a registration fee, which is a one-time fee of $40 per test taker and is good for life. Exam fees for Level 1 tests are $28 each for those participating in an accredited program and $35 per test for all others. Level 2 tests are $40 and $50 respectively.

Test areas include, but are not limited to, turning-chucking, turning between centers, screw machining, single-spindle machining, multiple-spindle machining and CNC turning. In some skill areas, there are both Level 1 and Level 2 tests.

The program established by PMPA’s Educational Foundation will reimburse employees of industry companies who successfully complete a NIMS credentialing test. The foundation’s grant program is available to both members and non-members.

Because foundation funds are limited, applicants are encouraged to apply for grants as soon as they successfully complete a NIMS certifying test. For more information on the foundation, or to access the grant application form online, visit the PMPA Educational Foundation Web Site.