Tornos Spotlights Century-Long Progression into Multitasking

At Tornos’ booth, the company is featuring No. 20, a Swiss-type lathe made in 1917, and visitors can assemble pens made from different Tornos machines, including SwissDeco 36 multitasking single-spindle lathe.


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Tornos Technologies is celebrating a 100-year legacy of producing Swiss-type lathes and its evolution into manufacturing multitasking machines. In its booth, the company is featuring the No. 20, a Swiss-type lathe made in 1917, along with the SwissDeco 36 multitasking single-spindle lathe. This marks the SwissDeco 36’s debut in the United States.

The No. 20—transported over from the company’s museum located in its Moutier, Switzerland, plant—laid the groundwork for the mass production of its successor, Tornos M10, which in turn was succeeded by the first cam multi-spindle machine, the Tornos AS 14. That progression leads directly to the SwissDeco lathe that the company is showcasing.

Additionally, the booth has MultiSwiss and SwissNano machines manufacturing multitasking commemorative pens. 

“The goal is to show the capability of our machines and have different parts of the pen manufactured on different machines,” says Erika Szabo, marketing manager. Visitors can walk by the various machine stations and assemble their very own final product, each pen part having been custom-made on multiple Tornos machines.

“Due to a spacing issue, there’s only one machine at the booth that’s actually cutting chips, and that’s the MultiSwiss,” says Attila Catto, president. “The rest of them are just air cutting, simulating the production of the different components.” The MultiSwiss is machining pen casings, while a SwissNano is simulating the machining of the pen tips. Videos at the booth are showing the actual processing of each part.