Training the Next Generation: Manufacturing Day 2016, Bridging the Skills Gap

Manufacturing Day was started as a bridge to help close the skills gap.


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The skills gap is real. It is something that concerns each and every one of us. Manufacturing Day was started as a bridge to help close the skills gap. It is a way to open your doors to the future of America with information about a career in the manufacturing sector and show that modern manufacturing is a good way to make a living.

Manufacturing Day 2016 will occur on October 7. While this is not as exciting as Christmas in your shop, it could be a close second. Let me explain why.

On this day, all across the country, literally hundreds of shops just like yours will be opening their doors to the future of America. Manufacturers will showcase the rewarding careers that are available to those with skills and a bit of ambition. We need to grow our talent pool. College isn’t for everyone and neither is a job as a precision machinist. But if they have the right skills, then they should be able to acquire the right job. 

By reaching out, holding an open house in your shop, having a tour of your facility and giving a brief demonstration of what you do, we can change the shape of the future of manufacturing in America.

Your first thought might be, “No, I won’t do it. We are too busy.” How busy will you be in five years if you cannot fi nd the talent to support your shop? Along with mfgday.com, we at PMPA will also help with your Manufacturing Day event. 

We know you are good at what you do. We know you and your employees take a great deal of pride in what you are able to accomplish. Your customers know it. Your families know it. Let the next generation peek behind the curtain. Show them your passion. Show them your shop. Show them your pride. You might inspire someone to become a machinist. A precision machinist. Your future employee.

You can register your event at mfgday.com. They have a helpful guide to get you started. They will include sample event ideas, invitations and thank yous.

Be sure to take photos and share them with us at PMPA. We can’t wait to meet your future employees.