12/22/2006 | 3 MINUTE READ

Want to turn all those quotes into new business?--Come to PMPA Management Update ‘07

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Are you satisfied with your company’s success in converting quotes to orders? Do you feel that you are getting a fair return on your investment in the quoting process? I frequently hear CEOs and sales managers complain about the amount of quotes that never seem to generate new orders. After working endlessly to respond to piles of quotes and prepare in-depth proposals, the hit rate on incoming orders is quite disappointing.


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Are you satisfied with your current business model?

Do you have a strategic plan? Is it truly adequate for the fast-paced and demanding competitive environment we all find ourselves in?

Do you feel confident in your company’s ability to meet the next major set of challenges?

Are you satisfied with your company’s sales and marketing efforts? Would you like to develop better negotiating skills and close more deals? 

If the above questions lead to even more questions, it is time for a “management tune-up” at this year’s PMPA Management Update Conference. The conference will run from Thursday, March 1, 2007, through Saturday morning, March 3, 2007, at Disney’s Contemporary Resort, Lake Buena Vista, Florida.

The Management Update Committee kicks off the conference with Dr. Carlos Rizowy and Warren Rustand, who will give a comprehensive look at the geopolitical changes around the globe and what challenges face the nation in the immediate future.

After two engaging presentations providing a world view, we will shift our attention to the fundamental habits that make it easier to grow our businesses—the same ones Rockefeller used to dominate both his industry and his era. Patrick Thean of Gazelles International will teach us all about “Mastering the Rockefeller Habits.” (Conference attendees will receive a copy of “Mastering the Rockefeller Habits” by best-selling author Verne Harnish.)

During his presentation Mr. Thean will focus on the ten essential habits that reduce the executive time needed to manage a business from 50 hours per week to less than 15 hours. He will discuss meeting rhythm – the daily, weekly, monthly and annual meeting – and the specific agendas that make them effective and practical. In addition, he will describe the three types of metrics that should drive any successful business on a daily and weekly basis. Mr. Thean will show us how to set daily, weekly and quarterly priorities, using themes to drive alignment and focus. We will all benefit from a review of the three types of organizational charts and how they can be used to keep everyone accountable.

These proven tools of strategic planning and strategic thinking will help you to maximize the potential of our career and business.

The next morning, the conference will shift its focus to “Marketing, Sales and Pricing Strategies for the New Economy.” Sam Bowers, president and founder of the Service Sales Institute and former president and COO of a large corporation that he helped grow from $7 million to $465 million, will lead the discussion.

Everyone questions their company’s sales, marketing and pricing models from time to time. Bowers understands this and plans to discuss such critical issues as negotiation, sales force realignment, variable pricing models and corporate strategies for a buyer-driven economy. He will provide tools to close deals, make money and grow market share where the buyer seems to dictate all the rules.

In the afternoon, we will continue down this track with Alan Strauss, founder of Sales Concepts, Inc., who will share the proven techniques of the Sandler Sales System. During his presentation, Strauss will show how to do more paid business at much higher profits in far less time. He also will explain how to hire the very best sales people through a very objective and analytical process.

On Saturday morning, the final session of the conference will feature a Disney Institute facilitator presenting “Organizational Creativity.” The facilitator will explain how Walt Disney World Resort fosters an environment where collaboration and new ideas are not only safe, but expected.

Using classroom sessions, application exercises and behind-the-scenes investigation, the facilitator will present the viability of corporate culture where the creative process thrives and produces profitable products and services.

Following the close of the business sessions on Saturday morning, attendees, spouses and guests will have the unique opportunity to take one of two 3-hour Disney Institute “Behind the Scenes” tours. Transportation to and from the resort is included.

Do not miss out on a “World of Opportunity” at this year’s Management Update Conference where you will gain valuable skills to make your business more competitive and profitable.

Deadline for conference registration is Friday, January 26, 2007. Questions? Contact PMPA Director of Marketing & Communications at rkiener@pmpa.org. Phone: (440) 526-0300, ext. 16.