9/12/2018 | 1 MINUTE READ

Weiler Features a Fresh, Modern and Open Booth

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Weiler North America Corp. is featuring a more modern and open redesign for its booth this year as well as Kunzmann milling machines for the first time.

IMTS 2018 Exhibitor

WEILER North America Corporation

North, Level 1, Booth 215431
South, Level 3, Booth 339259

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Weiler North America Corp., a German machine builder of horizontal turning lathes, is featuring a completely redesigned booth this year. The aim with the redesign “is to have it more modern and more of-a-piece with the corporation,” says Camille Butler, sales and marketing manager. The company says it has sought to have a consistent image across the board that could be described as much more modern and open.

“The previous booth we had for years,” Ms. Butler says. “We had it for multiple shows, so it was time to spruce [it] up. Traditionally, we’ve had a conference room that was closed off, but we’re not closing it off anymore. The entrance is open. We have way more graphics and industrial applications that we can visually represent than we could before.” This was all done with a new provider, Chicago Exhibit Productions (CEP) out of Bolingbrook, Illinois. “We wanted to stay local,” she explains. “Fourth quarter of last year, I started sending out requests for proposal. [These are] our specifications, this is what we want, can you provide?”

In addition to having the same booth design year after year, Weiler has also had its machines brought over from Germany to Texas in previous years, because of the location of a huge distributor in that state; but this year they were brought in through Milwaukee, Wisconsin, which is obviously closer to Chicago. “It’s closer,” Ms. Butler explains. “We used one of the local trucking companies to get it to McCormick Place. We think this will afford us the ability to be more responsive. The closer your contacts you’re able to get certain things that you may not have gotten.”

The company has recently acquired Kunzmann, a manufacturer of precision universal milling machines and machining centers. So, along with Weiler lathes and turning centers, the booth is also featuring a Kunzmann milling machine for the first time. This and other Weiler machines are running and demonstrating different cuts, with a systems technician from Germany present to explain the processes. 


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