Welcome Tom Halladay, PMPA’s New Board President

Tom Halladay talks about  H&R Screw Machine Products, his history with PMPA and his vision for PMPA this year. 


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Victor DaCruz hands the president’s gavel to Tom Halladay at the Annual Awards Banquet.

Victor DaCruz hands the president’s gavel to Tom Halladay at the Annual Awards Banquet.

At PMPA’s Annual Meeting 2020 held Oct. 22-25 at Big Cedar Lodge in Ridgedale, Missouri, PMPA’s outgoing Board of Directors’ 2019-2020 president, Victor DaCruz, handed the president’s gavel to Tom Halladay, the incoming 2020-2021 board president. Tom has been very active in the PMPA, serving as a chapter officer and a member of the board of directors on the executive and finance committees. He also participated in Syndicat International du Décolletage (SID) events. 

The Family Business

In 2016, Tom was named the president of H&R Screw Machine Products Inc. in Reed City, Michigan, and his older brother, Tim, serves as the vice president. H&R custom manufactures precision machined components using mainly brass, steel, stainless steel and aluminum.  Multi-spindle screw machines and Swiss-cam machines are utilized for mid- to high-volume applications. CNC lathes and machining centers, along with Swiss CNC machining, are utilized for more complex components. Tom’s dad and grandfather started H&R in 1976 in a small building near Reed City. They had one #2G Brown & Sharpe and then, a little later, they added two #00 Brown & Sharpes. Tom’s dad bought out Tom’s grandfather’s interest after the first year. 

Tom Halladay and Tim Halladay on the floor at H&R Screw Machine Products.

Tom Halladay and Tim Halladay on the floor at H&R Screw Machine Products.

Tom started in the business as a young boy working with Tim, and their younger brother, Denny, by sweeping the floors. As Tom and his brothers grew up, they would do different jobs around the shop — they spun chips and ran primary and secondary equipment. Tom eventually made tooling and then decided to pursue a business degree. When he graduated, he returned to help his dad out in the office.  

Returning with a business degree in hand, Tom was able to identify opportunities for improvement and worked with his dad and the H&R team on implementation. H&R grew and, as more equipment was purchased, more space was added.  In 1998, there was a realization that a new plant would be needed to improve efficiency and grow the business.  A building committee was formed to determine the optimal layout and size required to achieve their goals. In 2000, H&R moved into their new facility in Reed City and continued to grow by adding new equipment — screw machines, CNC machines, Swiss machining, centerless grinding and wire EDM.  They were also able to add an automated scrap and oil processing system to help with their efficiency goals.  

H&R and PMPA

H&R became a PMPA member in 1992 and initially became active on the local level.  As they were able to get to know the other companies in their area, they started to realize that the other members were not only there to help themselves, but also help each other.

“When we came into the PMPA, we didn’t know what to expect.  We were amazed at how many people out there were willing to help us,” Tom says. “We were happy to help them, too. The fact that competitors were willing to help each other and feel good about it...it’s a really, really great thing.” 

It feels like a community, according to Tom. “Any time we have an issue or need help with something, we always have a place to go,” he says. “ We can go to the ListServe or call PMPA staff and get an answer. I can’t tell you the hundreds of improvements we have made as a result of conversations with other members or tours of their plants.”  

H&R also believes strongly in participating in the PMPA committees, not only for H&R owners but for several team members as well.

“We think that’s good for our team as well as being good for the membership,” Tom says. “They really enjoy it and they grow a lot with the experience.”  

Vision for 2021

PMPA has had a few years of transition with some staff changes, the agreement with Gardner Manufacturing Association Services (GMAS) and now COVID-19.  When asked what Tom’s vision for the association is for his one-year term he stated, “We have a great staff in place.  I want to give them the time and support they need to continue working on their programs and initiatives.” In terms of membership, Tom is impressed with the growth we have experienced this year, even with COVID-19. “I think people realize what a valuable resource PMPA is,” Tom says.  

Tom also hopes that the PMPA Chapters will be able resume activities and he would like to grow some of the smaller Chapters. There was a full PMPA Chapter calendar planned for 2020 that was cancelled.  In 2021, Tom is hoping to be able to visit the Chapters, hold President’s Roundtables, meet with members and tour other member businesses — especially because H&R realized the value of PMPA membership by starting at a local level.

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