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Happy is the man who finds a true friend, and far happier is he who finds that true friend in his wife.
— Franz Schubert

We all face challenging decisions at times. Often the toughest ones are such because we know the significant impact they will have on our lives. When I think about difficult choices, those regarding career direction and job changes immediately come to mind. Most of us have faced these at some point in our lives. In our industry alone I’ve watched countless people move from one job to another. I’ve met with many a shop owner through the years who went out on a limb to open his or her business, taking on substantial debt with only a hope and a prayer (and I’d assume a solid business strategy) that the business would survive. Some have; some haven’t.

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The need to reduce cost-per-part, improve productivity, manage product quality and gain competitive advantage drives manufacturers to examine all aspects of their production processes. For those who use turning machines to make parts out of barstock, employing modern bar feeders can have a major impact on achieving these goals, especially now that bar feeders have entered the age of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).

For many years, loading barstock was purely a manual practice that slowed production and did little to maintain product quality. There was also a significant danger of injury to machine operators who could be hit by exposed barstock rotating at high speeds. In fact, early bar loaders were simply holding or guiding devices that limited spindle speeds, produced significant vibration and often damaged workpieces and machine tools.

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Deadline is Oct. 7 to Register for Technical Cleanliness Expert Days

If you are a specialist or executive who manages quality requirements of technical cleanliness within your company, this event was designed for you. The deadline to register is Oct. 7, so act now!

Technical Cleanliness Expert Days is back this year, this time with a two-day event, held Oct. 29-30, with a focus on cleanliness in production and critical processes. The conference, again held at the Bertram Inn and Conference Center in Aurora, Ohio (outside of Cleveland), will focus on parts cleaning concepts achieving technical cleanliness limits in production and assembly, the influence of environment and logistics on cleanliness specifications, and cleanliness in assembly and in-process cleaning. Other topics include extended particle analysis for process optimization, quick methods for process monitoring and human influences and guidelines. 

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By: Miles Free 9/27/2019

Where Steel Properties Come From

The definitions provided here are to facilitate understanding by shop practitioners, not to cover every subtle aspect of the concept.

Hardness is resistance to penetration. (Some folks would say resistance to abrasion, but in the steel industry we test for hardness using penetration tests such as Brinell, Rockwell and Vickers.)

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Emerging Leader Rachith Thipperi Commits to Continuous Improvement

When Rachith Thipperi started working for Pioneer Service in January 2018 as an intern, he didn’t have much knowledge about manufacturing. But his enthusiasm and knowledge he gained from completing a Master’s degree in engineering quickly showed company personnel they had chosen the right person for the position.

Only a month into his internship, Rachith was offered a full-time position as process engineer. After working with multiple teams, he excelled in his role, developing a dashboard tool that provided much-needed transparency and clarity to the quoting process. Use of this new dashboard drastically reduced quote-turnaround time and error frequency at his company.

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