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After years of rough economic conditions that caused unemployment rates to skyrocket, the tables have turned in hiring. Now that the economy has improved, the job market favors candidates instead of employers. Unemployment rates are the lowest they have been in almost 20 years, and employers in a range of industries are having difficulties filling job openings.

This month’s About Your Business column covers a specific hiring issue employers are seeing: “employee ghosting,” which is when employees either fail to show up for work on the first day of a new job or quit without giving notice, or when potential employees do not arrive for scheduled interviews. Todd Palmer, president of Diversified Industrial Staffing, provides an overview of the causes of this trend and gives employers a few ways to help prevent it. Read “Employee ‘Ghosting’ May be the New Norm.”

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Under various names, the drive to digital manufacturing seems to be unstoppable. It’s on the mind of many shops, and those shops that have made the move tout its benefits.

Like much technology, there are degrees of how much digital manufacturing a business can absorb at a given time. This article looks at five things to consider as shop management thinks about moving into digital manufacturing.

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Digitalization Takes Center Stage at IMTS 2018

Achieving a more digitally connected shop can take the form of data connection and collection, system monitoring and management, and using digital technology to improve the systems your shop relies on.

Dedicated to just that is the Emerging Technology Center (ETC) sponsored by AMT—The Association for Manufacturing Technology. As one of two at IMTS this year, the ETC dedicated to Digital Transformation in the North Building lets you see it in action and discover examples of how businesses in aerospace, automotive, medical and energy sectors are implementing these innovations.

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Röhm Products of America Inc., has announced that it has acquired Master WorkHolding Inc. The acquisition enables Röhm to combine its 100 years of workholding experience with Master WorkHolding’s 30 years of experience to deliver a full range of standard and custom workholding products and automation solutions for all CNC equipment.  

“With Master WorkHolding joining the Röhm team, we will be able to deliver even more comprehensive workholding and automation solutions,” says Matthew Mayer, chief executive officer for Röhm Products of America. “Both companies have prioritized helping manufacturers obtain quality solutions that maximize productivity and throughput, and this acquisition will make it even easier for our customers to obtain the highest levels of efficiency in turning, milling, grinding and robotic applications.”   

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With thousands of exhibitors on multiple floors of several buildings, IMTS can be a challenge to navigate. The IMTS 2018 App, which is now available for download, can help visitors make the most of their time at the show by making it easy to find what they need and helping them get there. Users can search through all exhibitors by product category, company name or pavilion focus.

Once they know where they want to go, the app can help them get there. Interactive maps with floor plans of each building show where each booth is located, as well as details on the exhibitors at each booth. Users can even search for an exhibitor and get directions to the booth.

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