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Precision Index Contracts as Coronavirus Disrupts

The March data for the Precision Machining Index (PMI) reported a six-point contraction to end at 42.5. Gardner Intelligence’s review of the underlying Index components observed that the Index, calculated as an average of its components, saw several components reach lows last set in late 2015.

These readings represent the breadth of change occurring within the production machining industry and are not to be confused with the rate of decline taking place. These low readings indicate that a large number of manufacturers reported a decreased level of business activity without quantifying the actual magnitude of the downward change. 

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This article originally ran in Production Machining’s sister publication, Products Finishing.

Joe McChesney is as straight a shooter as they come, literally and figuratively. The global product line manager for solvents at Kyzen has more than 39 years of experience with solvent and aqueous cleaning processes from conceptual design through field operation, and has served on the EPA/Clean Air Advisory Board, among others.

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Deadline Approaching for Parts Cleaning Conference Speakers

If you work in the manufacturing cleaning segment of the manufacturing industry and are interested in speaking at the next Parts Cleaning Conference at IMTS 2020, in Chicago, Illinois, on Sept. 16, submit a presentation abstract to the conference committee at

The 2020 conference is focused on the latest cleaning technologies and processes. As environmental limitations become stricter and more manufacturers demand high quality clean parts, it’s important to stay abreast of the latest technologies and industry specifications. This conference will detail how to produce the cleanest parts that are in compliance with industry standards while staying on a budget.

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Deal Differently with Certainty, Risk and Uncertainty

Making decisions when there is uncertainty is a different process than when you know the outcomes (certainty) or the expected range of outcomes (risk) for your machining business. The discipline of marshaling facts and using defined processes fails when the realm is uncertain.

Throughout my career, I have supervised and directed by acting to “intelligently manage risk.” Intelligently managing risk to me was to first, understand the potential consequences, then take actions needed to minimize the opportunity for those negative consequences to occur. 

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Sanitize Machine Controllers Regularly During Coronavirus Outbreak

This article was originally publish by sister publication, Plastics Technology.

We as processors tend to take the machine’s controller and operating panel for granted. We like some and despise others, but rarely do we give them the attention they deserve. Daily production pressures such as process interruptions, part defects, resin issues, etc., keep you so busy that the controller screen and buttons don’t really register as components that need attention. We just expect the controller to function properly … and most of the time it does.

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