CNC & Machine Controls

Five-Axis Conversational Programming from a Solid Model

This CNC feature imports a 3D solid model from which operators can perform conversational-type programming even for five-sided machining applications.

How To Reference Custom Macro Variables by Name

FANUC now enables CNC users to reference custom macro system variables by names in addition to hard-to-remember numbers. Here’s how.

5 Mistakes We Find in Most CNC Programs

While the mistakes listed here will not sound an alarm or cause a program to fail, they will cause confusion, wasted time and scrap parts.

Acu-Rite Turnpwr Control Improves Two-Axis Turning Productivity

IMTS Spark: Turnpwr, a control system from Heidenhain’s Acu-Rite brand, is designed for two-axis lathe machinists where manual and automated operation are needed.

Fagor Automation's 8065 Quercus Control Provides Greater Processing Speeds

IMTS Spark: The 8065 Quercus control system from Fagor Automation is a PC-based controller is adaptable to all modern web-based human-machine interfaces (HMIs).

CNC Apps You Possibly Didn’t Know You Could Benefit From

Some software capabilities go underutilized. One machine tool builder’s CNC software includes lesser-known apps that shops can leverage to their advantage.

G Code To Include in Your CNC Program After It Ends

There are some G-code commands you might want your operators to occasionally execute but not for every cycle. Consider these examples.

NUMcut HMI Includes Postprocessor To Speed Program Preparation

The NUMcut human-machine interface (HMI) software package from NUM Corp. features a fully integrated CAM/postprocessor module to simplify and accelerate the creation of part programs for CNC machines.

Heidenhain Opens West Coast Headquarters

The new headquarters consolidates Heidenhain’s Fremont, California, technical support operation into the company’s expanded San Jose business center offices.

Large Equipment Offerings Buoyed by New CNC

To complement the strengths of many of its larger machine tools, Tarus has added a Heidenhain CNC to benefit those manufacturers seeking high-quality contour surface milling capabilities.

4 CNC Data Transfer Methods You Should Know

Modern CNCs enable transfer and backup of more than just machining programs. 

Let’s Talk About Less Machining Chatter

For some turning work, unwanted harmonics can cause chatter and poor surface finishes. A new CNC software capability can automatically compensate for this.

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