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11 Manufacturing Careers of the Future

Share these new career paths with the young people you know and encourage them to look into these possibilities. 


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A manufacturing facility is currently being built in southeastern Wisconsin that will eventually be a 20-million-square-foot manufacturing facility. This facility is being billed as the most technologically advanced manufacturing facility on the planet. According to Matt Kirchner, managing director at Profit360 LLC and contributing columnist for Production Machining, “Predictions about the impact of this project abound, but my favorite one is that the Midwest will become the nation’s ‘Epicenter of Industry 4.0 Technology,’ bringing with it a host of new career opportunities.”

One of the lead industrial engineers working on this transformative project shared some examples with Matt earlier this year. Matt, in turn, shared 11 examples with us in his latest About Your Business column. Future manufacturing job titles include interface developer, app developer, automation engineer, systems integrator and more. To see the full list and the meaning of each title, read “Industry 4.0 Careers of the Future.”  

“Thirty years ago, my classmates used to brag about their plans to be doctors, lawyers and investment bankers,” Matt says. Those were the cool careers then, but tomorrow’s cool careers may look more like the ones he lists here.