Emerging Leader Aaron Zarembski Increases Customer Satisfaction

Strong customer service qualities and technical knowledge lead Aaron down the road to success.


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Aaron Zarembski

Aaron Zarembski

Aaron was born and raised in a small town in Michigan and graduated from Michigan Technological University with a degree in electrical engineering technology and has since been interested in all industrial technologies. His career history includes working with robotic waterjet cutting, plastic welding, and currently at PMPA technical member SBS Ecoclean, a company that manufactures industrial robotic washing machines. He has been involved in customer service as well as controls engineering since day one with Ecoclean.

“Early on I found myself managing customer service departments, which came with some unique rewards as respect and loyalty was earned through collaboration,” Aaron says. “Most recently I have transitioned from service management back to controls engineering to focus on IIoT platforms to increase customer satisfaction through remote diagnostics of deployed equipment.”  

“Aaron is an outstanding problem solver and has been an invaluable asset for Ecoclean in every role he has taken on,” says his nominator, Peter Feamster, product management director, Jomesa North America Inc. “Aaron uses patience and efficient/effective solutions in order to satisfy customers while managing enormous pressure to keep production lines operating. He has an ability to apply PLC programming knowledge to a challenging automation process.” Peter adds that Aaron is always looking at problems from a unique perspective, is great at thinking outside the box, is a natural innovator as well as reliable, reachable and personable.

Aaron says, “In the future, I will seek to continue to develop and deploy systems and teams to drive customer uptime and satisfaction.”

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