2019 PM Buyer’s Guide

In January, Production Machining features our annual Buyer’s Guide. In print or online, this valuable resource provides supplier information for more than 120 product categories.

The digital edition of our January issue—our annual Buyer’s Guide—is now available. This issue, obviously different from our normal monthly editions, works hand in hand with other research tools. In particular, our online Supplier Directory provides even more in-depth contact information and is continually updated throughout the year.

The print magazine can act as a handy tool to remain in reach for quick reference of contact information for suppliers in more than 25 main product categories and 120 sub categories. The online Supplier Directory covers additional categories and also provides access to supplier showrooms that include direct links to articles and product descriptions. The digital edition, which some may find more convenient to use, matches the print edition exactly.

Whichever of these tools works best for you, when you’re in the market for new equipment, use the information that’s available to quickly locate suppliers that can help.