A Resource for Micromachining

Visit PM’s Micromachining Zone for useful information about this technology, from new products to application stories and quick access to suppliers.


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Sussex Wire manufactures highly engineered parts for medical, semiconductor, automotive, energy, aerospace and other industries.

Everyone has a different definition for micromachining, but a common view is machining with tools smaller than 0.015 inch in diameter and tolerances of just a few tenths. It takes significant spindle speed to effectively use such small-diameter tools, and the machines have to be very accurate. One of the biggest challenges of micromachining is finding cutting tools that offer the long life and repeatability that enables a machine tool to run at high rpms.

Learn about technologies that lend themselves to successful micromachining in Production Machining’s Micromaching Zone. Here you’ll find new product listings, case studies and feature articles that detail a variety of ways this equipment is able to make a shop more productive.

One article, for example (“Advancing to Micromachining on a CNC Swiss Lathe”), looks at a shop that moved up to a Swiss-type to allow it to bid on small, complex parts it couldn’t previously produce.