4/25/2016 | 1 MINUTE READ

Video: A Solution for Challenging Chip Removal

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Depending on the material being machined, turning operations can produce tangles of chips that can clog single-belt conveyors. Read how one company found the solution with a double-belt design.


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Machine shops involved in turning operations are well aware of what a challenging chip removal can be. The chips can often cohere into tangled clumps or “bird’s nests,” which can jam some chip evacuation systems, particularly the conveyor belts. Add coolant to the mix, and you’ve really got a mess.

One Detroit-area supplier of parts to the automotive industry found itself in this situation. Its automated twin-spindle CNC turning machines were producing tangles of chips so dense they were jamming the conveyors meant to remove them, often causing damage and the resulting downtime. The frequency of this occurring demanded a solution.

The company contacted Jorgensen Conveyors, which sent a team of engineers to conduct an evaluation. They took measurements of the part samples, measured the machines for conveyor proper conveyor connections, and assessed the type of material causing all the issues, which was mild steel. They suggested the MunchMan II chip conveyor as the answer to the company’s problem.

According to Jorgensen, the MunchMan II employs two belts through the lower curve, incline and discharge sections of the conveyor. This enables continuous, jam-free removal of the stringy balls of chips that had been jamming the old single belt conveyors on these turning machines. The conveyor also incorporates a UVS-EcoLogic Control, which provides constant load monitoring to protect conveyor motor and drivetrain components from damage in a jam situation where excessive torque on the conveyor may occur. The control also features an automatic jam-clearing sequence to free the conveyor. Jorgensen engineers also worked with the customer to ensure proper electrical interfacing between the conveyor’s UVS Jam Manager functionality the main control of the turning machines.

The result? The manufacturer decided to incorporate MunchMan II with all of its existing machines, and on any new machine tools installed going forward. With 20 units on order, it will soon outfit all 50 of its current machines. Go here for a video demonstration of Jorgensen’s conveyors in operation. 


According to Jorgensen, the MunchMan II employs a two-belt design, enabling continuous removal of stringy balls of chips that can jam single-belt conveyors.