An Education-Focused Makerspace Offers Modern Day Shop Classes

Vocademy is an education-focused makerspace, providing classes on weekdays and making its machine tools and equipment available to other creative individuals on nights and weekends.


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This photo was taken on Vocademy’s opening day, with founder/CEO Gene Sherman front and center. ​

Production Machining is a huge advocate of programs equipping young students with the skills they’ll need for a successful career in manufacturing. We are constantly on the lookout for manufacturing companies that are reaching out to local high schools and community colleges offering plant tours and insights into their profession. We support organizations that are seeking creative ways of sparking an interest in manufacturing for young people.

I recently learned of yet another fascinating approach to bridging the skills gap: Vocademy. Vocademy, based in Riverside, California, is an education-focused makerspace, providing hands-on day classes in machining, 3D printing, CAD/CAM, laser cutting, programming and coding, welding and fabrication, woodworking and more. It also makes its machine tools and equipment accessible in the evenings to creative individuals wanting to work independently.

“America used to have ‘shop’ classes. Shop classes were the starting place for the many people who loved to design, to build and to create,” says Gene Sherman, founder and CEO of Vocademy. “But now these places are rare, if not completely gone. For many, a personal workshop is only an expensive dream. Our goal is to bring back the learning of real skills for everyone.”

It’s easy to detect Mr. Sherman’s enthusiasm in these words, and you’ll also enjoy learning more about the academy’s activities on the Vocademy YouTube channel. Join us in supporting programs such as this, and also do what you can to get involved in outreach efforts as an individual and company-wide basis.