And the Envelope Please ... the Prodex Goes to Studer


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Studer grinding specialists accept first prize for innovation from Prodex. 
 The prodex award presented to Studer for its Studer Technlogy software. 


With the entertainment industry in the throws of self congratulatory awards season, we received word about another award given to a machine tool builder. Yes, I said a machine tool builder. And more importantly, it is an award that means something much more tangible and useful than salving egos of the Hollywood recipients.

As machine tool technology continues to evolve from simple to complex, figuring out the production sequence for all the many operations that can be brought to bear on a workpiece becomes a challenge. In fact, this question is frequently decided at the “interface” between operators and the machine: the software.

The importance of this interface factor was confirmed recently by the latest Prodex award, which was given during the Swiss Machine Tools Show of the same name. First prize in the innovation category went to Studer grinding specialist’s “Studer Technology” software, which helps to radically facilitate operation of cylindrical grinding machines.

Application of this software can result in improved component quality, lower unit costs, reduced machining time, lower energy usage—all of which provide important production process benefits. It is designed to expedite efficient sequencing of operations that need to be performed on cylindrical grinders.

Awards may come and go, but when deliverable is useful, like this new software, the winners are the businesses that will benefit from it for many years to come. Visit www.studer.com to find out more.