Cutting Tools

Ceratizit Presents Team Cutting Tools and Turns Turning Upside Down

Luxembourg-based Ceratizit Group invited more than 50 journalists from 15 countries for their Open Days 2019 press event from May 13-15 to present the new Team Cutting Tools and its new turning technology High Dynamic Turning.


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Luxembourg-based Ceratizit Group invited more than 50 journalists from 15 countries for their Open Days 2019 press event from May 13-15 to present the new Team Cutting Tools, which, under the umbrella brand Ceratizit Group, combines the brands Cutting Solutions by Ceratizit, Komet, WNT and Klenk with the aim to become a full-range supplier in metal cutting.

"The definition of the product brand is independent of the production sites and applies equally to standard as well as special products," says Claude Sun, managing director of Ceratizit Deutschland. "All products of a product segment are clearly assigned to a specific brand." In other words, the brand Cutting Solutions by Ceratizit stands for indexable tools (turning, milling, groving) and solid tools with ultra-hard cutting materials, Komet offers indexable drilling, reaming and countersinking, spindle tooling and actuating tools, WNT stands for solid carbide-milling and drilling, HSS tools as well as tool and workholding solutions, and Klenk is known in the aerospace industry for its solid carbide drills.

"Our target is to be the number three in the cutting tool industry by 2022/23," Sun adds. "But if we want to be on the podium, we need new technologies like our FreeTurn tools and the High Dynamic Turning (HDT) turning technology."

In Reutte, Ceratizit showed the new turning technology for the first time in a live demonstration on an Emco Hyperturn 665 MCplus. According to Dr. Uwe Schleinkofer, head of R&D cutting tools for Ceratizit Austria, HDT allows to carry out all traditional turning operations such as roughing, finishing, contour turning, face turning and longitudinal turning with just one tool.

Instead of the classic, static position of the insert in the holder, the milling spindle is now used to produce the corresponding approach angle to the workpiece. The use of the spindle drive, in conjunction with the slim, axial tool design of the FreeTurn tools by Ceratizit creates a degree of freedom of 360° without the risk of collision, thus providing unprecedented flexibility. Due to the rotation around its own tool axis, the cutting-edge change can be done without interrupting the cutting process. Additionally, the angle of approach is freely variable at any time and can even be changed while cutting. This not only enables flexible machining of almost every workpiece contour, but also optimum chip breaking, higher feed rates and an increase in tool life.

Ceratizit is working on the development of machining cycles and CNC programs with all leading machine tool builders and CAM companies and will have the first version commercially available at EMO 2019. (A detailed report on this technology will follow soon.)

During the two-day Open Days event, the group of international journalists visited several of the cutting tool manufacturer’s German facilities (in Stuttgart, Balzheim and Kempten), as well as Ceratizit Reutte in Breitenwang, Austria.

The slideshow provides some of the highlights seen during the tour.


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