Change for the Better, Better Together

“Better Together” is the approach that the PMPA executive team has identified for combining the strengths of PMPA with those of its long-term partner, Gardner Business Media.


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The Precision Machined Products Association (PMPA) executive board (with the full support of the PMPA staff) has been working on a new approach to ensure that it continues to provide members with the technical support, information and networking deliverables that its team has been known for. The staff has continued to provide meetings and services that make its members more competitive in their businesses and operations. Now the executive team has come together, evaluated many options, and through strategic planning, identified a way forward—enhancing PMPA and making it even more sustainable.

“Better Together” is the approach that it has identified to combine the strengths of PMPA and those of its long-term partner, Gardner Business Media (Production Machining’s parent company). Together PMPA and Gardner have served the precision machining industry—each by its own strengths. Considering the history of successful and profitable collaboration on PMTS and Production Machining magazine, the executive team asked, “Why hadn’t this been considered before?”

“Better Together” describes the proposal to work with Gardner to develop a Management Services Agreement (MSA). This MSA starts with a six-month initial exploratory phase (Phase 1) that will lead towards a long-term proposal to combine strengths and staff to enhance the value provided to members. In this phase, Gardner will assess PMPA organization and processes to identify opportunities to enhance performance, creating new and improved deliverables as a result of the collaboration.

“The synergies of collaborating, and sharing talent are exciting,” says Mike Reader, PMPA president. “We envision a future where our staff has more opportunity to work on advanced deliverables for our members, enhancing and extending the resources when combined with the Gardner/Production Machining team. Gardner brings opportunities to expand our reach and better market PMPA in our industry, and beyond. PMPA can provide Gardner with a better understanding of our manufacturing niche, helping them advance the quality of their Top Shops Benchmarking. That in turn can help our members improve their own performance.”

The collaboration will be under PMPA board oversight, and at the end of Phase 1, the PMPA board and Gardner will agree on a second phase to further execute the collaboration.