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The May issue of Production Machining includes emphasis topics of Cutting Tools and Parts Cleaning, with Swiss-Type Machining special coverage. Check out the Digital Issue here!


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Production Machining’s May Digital Edition is now available. This issue features emphasis topics of Cutting Tools and Parts Cleaning, with special coverage of Swiss-Type Machining. For the cover story we visit a New Hampshire high-volume precision solutions manufacturer who upgraded its data collection and organization methods, maximizing output and competitiveness on its Swiss turning machines.

We also take a look at Rollfeed turning technology, which adds a third axis to turning operations, rolling the cutting tool with a special insert geometry across the surface of the part for reduced machining times, minimized tooling costs and high surface qualities. Our parts cleaning coverage is about a shop that implemented a trichloroethylene replacement material in its vacuum degreasing unit to clean a customer’s micromachined parts more efficiently.

Our Tech Brief this month looks at solutions for the automated deburring of cross bores.

Finally, the Last Word column discusses predictive maintenance—it offers great promise for precision machining shops, but not all shops have the resources for immediate implementation. The column looks at some small measures to start making smart and informed decisions on maintenance strategies and scheduling.

Check out PM’s May Digital Edition today.


  • Basic Aqueous Cleaning Processes And Selection Criteria

    Parts cleaning, like most metalworking processes, is experiencing ever tightening specifications. Shops must continuously evaluate whether to clean parts in-house or use a supplier. This article looks at current aqueous cleaning processes and suggests criteria for the make or buy decision.

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  • Continuous, In-Process Washing System For High-Production Machines

    Dan Walters' invention is a part washing machine that attaches directly to the machine tool while occupying about 10 square feet of floor space. The Wheelie Washer is a conveyor-like system that takes the parts through various chemicals and solutions, removing the oil from each part and drying them.