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Emerging Leader Andrew Knapp Teaches Novices, Experts

The applications manager solves complex manufacturing challenges for Ellison Technologies while teaching precision machining classes at a community college.


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Andrew Knapp, Applications Manager, Ellison Technologies

Andrew Knapp, Applications Manager, Ellison Technologies

With 21 years of experience in manufacturing, Andrew has worked as a CNC machinist, programmer, supervisor and engineer in the manufacturing industry. Currently, he manages the engineering department at Ellison Technologies for Ohio and Eastern Kentucky, where he solves complex manufacturing problems to help customers. He is experienced with the programming of FANUC, Siemens and Heidenhain controls and is well versed in multi-axis machines. “Andrew has helped Ellison Ohio solve some of the most complex applications by first helping sales pick the right platform, then by successfully completing stringent run-off requirements,” says his nominator, Ellison Technologies President-Ohio Matthew Frank Bujoll.

“Andrew excels not only at solving complex manufacturing problems, but also as a teacher,” his nominator adds. “He has the ability to teach beginners in the trade all the way up to top programmers and setup men in our customers’ shops.” Andrew uses these talents beyond his position at Ellison Technologies. For the past 8 years, he has taught precision machining classes at a local community college to help increase the skilled talent pool for our region. “I believe one of the keys to the future growth of this industry is worker education,” Andrew says.

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