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Emerging Leader Andrew Prestigiacomo Contributes to Company Growth



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When Andrew applied to be a CNC machine operator at his current employer, Global Precision Industries (GPI), in 2010, he was a senior in high school and had no understanding of CNC machining or the manufacturing industry. The job was initially a summer job to help the owners keep up with some new production jobs on a CNC vertical mill. However, what started as a short-term job ended up as a career for Andrew.

I learned to operate multiple machines, use measuring instruments, change tools, read prints, etc.,” Andrew says. “I went to college during the days and worked part time there. The founder and owner Mark Wheeler was incredibly flexible and allowed me to work at my convenience.”

Once Andrew finished school, the owners gave him the opportunity to handle all of the sales and marketing. When he started sales in 2014, GPI only had a few customers and 12 total employees, he says. Since then, it has grown to more than 50 employees, a dozen new long-term customers, and has purchased more than 10 new machines in the past few years.

“While I have been blessed to have the opportunity to help grow GPI, I have learned a wealth of knowledge from our engineering staff,” Andrew says. He uses this knowledge when meeting new customers to explain the company’s capabilities and putting together more accurate quotes that make GPI competitive and help customers with reducing their costs.

Andrew’s aspirations are to help make GPI one of the largest machining suppliers in the U.S. and create hundreds of new jobs.

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