10/10/2019 | 1 MINUTE READ

Emerging Leader Hayley Serruya Works Hard to Build New Acquisition

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In her role as V.P. of operations, Hayley is guiding the integration of the systems, reporting and culture, so both E.J. Basler and its newly acquired company can work together as one.


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While working her way up to V.P. of operations (her current position) at a

Hayley Serruya

Hayley Serruya

140-person shop that E.J. Basler Co. recently acquired, Hayley Serruya has worn many hats during her eight years of employment there so far. She’s also managed to use her prior experience in sales at Nordstrom to benefit her in a customer service role at E.J. Basler. But before her manufacturing career beginnings, Hayley attended Hebrew University in Jerusalem, Israel, studying abroad for four years.

Hayley started at E.J. Basler as an intern completing various shop projects such as measuring the machines and the floor space for a new plant layout. Then, she assisted with engineering and quickly learned the company’s AutoCAD system.

She also took it upon herself to study the quality systems and became a quality administrator, handling customer concerns. Hayley trained and became a TS (IATF 16949) auditor, keeping the shop in compliance with this strict automotive standard. Working as a customer quality liaison for the new shop was when she was able to use her “customer first” Nordstrom approach in all her dealings with our internal and external customers.

Then, in June 2018, Hayley graduated Summa Cum Laude from Northwestern University. While earning her degree in organizational behavior and business leadership, she attended classes at night and on weekends while still working full time and becoming a mother again when she gave birth to her second son in May 2018.

Hayley now sits in on our six-member Executive Leadership Team meeting every week as its sounding board and advisor. And in her role as V.P. of operations, she is guiding the integration of the systems, reporting and culture, so both companies can work together as one.

Her nominator, Dennis Basler, president of E.J. Basler Co., says, “So far, the results of Hayley's hard work at both facilities is exceeding the owner’s expectations. The wisdom and guidance that she provides is beyond what we see in others her age. Best of all, Hayley is a people person, and her concern for others and her can-do attitude inspires us all.”

Hayley says she is forever curious and committed to championing the narrative surrounding sustainability within manufacturing and the untapped potential of women.

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