Emerging Leader Jason Schwartz Demonstrates Spirit of Service

Jason has gone above and beyond his title of southern regional sales manager by providing superb service to his customers.


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Jason Schwartz

Jason Schwartz

As the common idiom goes, “Don’t judge a book by its cover,” in business, it’s safe to say, “Don’t’ judge a person by their title,” meaning a person’s title isn’t always accurate; it often doesn’t tell the whole story about the person. This is true for Kyzen Corp.’s Southern Regional Sales Manager Jason Schwartz. Jason has taken his sales title further, providing superb service to his customers, which has included consulting on his own time and without compensation, and spending long hours on the road at night to meet with customers when he knows he is needed.

According to his nominator, Joe McChesney, global products line manager—solvents, at Kyzen, “Jason’s technical background in chemistry and willingness to help the end user to investigate and resolve cleaning issues has provided a growing reputation from his peers and most importantly, trust from his clients. He constantly provides technical input to numerous requests that go beyond his job description.”

Jason graduated from the University of Cincinnati in 2012, earning a Bachelor’s degree in chemistry. After graduating, he did organometallic catalysis research at California-Irvine before joining Kyzen Corp. in 2013. Since then, he has managed multiple sales regions in the U.S. for the company.

His current territory includes electronics and industrial manufacturers who develop some of today's most important products for consumer, military, medical, automotive and aerospace applications. The performance/reliability of these products can sometimes be critical in nature, thus his involvement in working with these companies is important from a safety and personal perspective to ensure the information, assistance and product support is excellent, according to Mr. McChesney.

Jason quickly recognizes areas in the many plants he visits that can sometimes use professional input to reduce cost of operations, improve quality, meet environmental compliance and ensure a safe working area for personnel. He provides extra services such as free environmental consulting to those who request assistance in understanding government regulations.

Continuing to go above and beyond, Jason realizes the importance of education within the industry. Therefore, he presents at technical exhibits and seminars to inform people about best work practices and environmental issues.

“His spirit of service makes us proud of him and his accomplishments,” Mr. McChesney says. “Our industry needs young professionals who will carry their leadership qualities into the future. As others watch people like Jason, they envy his desire to serve and will hopefully emulate his actions for the betterment of this country's industry.”

In the future, Jason hopes to help the manufacturing industry develop and implement more environmentally and worker-safe chemical alternatives and processes. “I am driven by a strong desire to keep learning,” he says. “As technology advances, the only way to adapt and innovate is by continuing to educate yourself with the help of experts in fields other than your own.”