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Emerging Leader Jonathon Wilyat Shares Passion for CMM Programming

“Jonathon picked up the CMM quickly and in no time was showing his coworkers features within the software that they never knew existed.”


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When Programmer Jonathon Wilyat realized he had a passion for CMM programming, he began sharing his skills with his coworkers at Camcraft. His passion started soon after his father, who also is employed at the company, introduced him to it once Jonathan took on his first position as a machine operator two years ago. Then Jonathon attended training courses to learn even more about the company’s CMM so he could operate it when he was needed.

“Jonathon picked up the CMM quickly and in no time was showing his coworkers features within the software that they never knew existed,” says Camcraft engineer and Jonathon’s nominator, Michael Goldman. “He showed his peers all sorts of useful features and how they could be integrated with the CMM software.”

He also completed an 18-week GD&T training course, where his teacher described him as, "Very sharp—one of the best I've seen in many years."

His next training was in Solidworks, and he quickly became one of Camcraft’s top users.

“Jonathon is the type of person who does not quit until he figures it out,” Mr. Goldman says. “He is constantly pushing buttons and opening windows to see what things do. This leads to all sorts of helpful discoveries that he enthusiastically shares with his peers.”

“Between my father’s 38 years of experience, my drive to try new things, and the passion we share for this career, I believe we will take Camcraft places it’s never been,” Jonathon says.

Mr. Goldman believes Jonathon has a bright future ahead of him, and he says he’s excited to see him progress.


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