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Emerging Leader Keith Goodrich Uses Shop Experience as Trajectory to a Career in CAD/CAM Development

Keith spent years honing his skills in Mastercam software and learning from his coworkers while working at a job shop in Connecticut. 


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Keith Goodrich

Keith Goodrich

One advantage of working at a machine shop prior to a career with a supplier is understanding exactly how a product is used in a real-world scenario. Keith Goodrich is a perfect example of someone who took advantage of his early shop work and learned as much as possible. Keith’s eagerness to learn is what ultimately landed him his current job as product specialist at CNC Software (developers of Mastercam).

He began his career in CNC machining in 2006, driving a truck at a job shop in Connecticut. In four years’ time, he worked up through the ranks of operator, programmer, and inspector before becoming the shop foreman, overseeing 13 machinists and keeping 17 CNC and manual machine spindles turning.

During his time at the shop, Keith found a new opportunity as a manufacturing engineer, making large power generation and aerospace turbine parts on VTL-style machines. His coworkers in this new position had more than 100 years’ worth of CAD/CAM and manufacturing experience between them. Keith took the opportunity to absorb as much information as he could from his coworkers about Mastercam programming, while also developing his knowledge of advanced manufacturing techniques for exotic materials.

His newfound knowledge of the most advanced machine tools at the time led Keith to a different opportunity as an applications engineer with one of the leading machine tool manufacturers. It was here where he immersed himself in the world of multitasking mill-turn machines, training customers in the technology and programming turnkey solutions using Mastercam software that he knew so well.

It was no surprise when Keith officially went down the path of CAD/CAM development in 2014, joining the CNC Software team. He joined as a product specialist, working with the mill-turn development team on the Mastercam Mill -Turn product. In this role, he works with the developers on new programming technologies, advising on the real-world needs of the customers (which he knows well from firsthand experience) and machine tool partners.

Keith says he is a proud husband and father of four children and eagerly looks forward to what’s ahead. “I’m excited for the future of the manufacturing industry,” he says. “What the next generation will be able to do will surely leave us in wonder. I’m lucky to be in a critical position at such an exciting time. My role at CNC Software is allowing me to literally help shape the future of manufacturing.”


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