7/2/2018 | 1 MINUTE READ

Emerging Leaders Series: Jami Massey, CEO, C&H Enterprises

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Jami Massey, the first of our Emerging Leaders that we will highlight each week in this blog, believes that the customer drives production and only an extraordinary team determines success. 


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The July issue of Production Machining features 19 young professionals, under the age of 40, working in the precision machined parts industry who were nominated by their peers as people who are making strides toward becoming part of the next generation of leaders and innovators. Starting with this post, each week I will highlight one of the Emerging Leaders on our blog.

With a title like CEO of her family-owned business, one might assume that Jami Massey reached her lifelong goal of becoming the head of the company by always being focused on the business she was born into. But that is not exactly the case for Jami. In fact, for a long time she wasn’t convinced that working for her parents’ company, C&H Enterprises, a Silicon Valley precision machine shop with customers in the semiconductor and aerospace industries, was what she wanted to do. But like many kids whose parents own a business, she dutifully worked at the company while in school. Jami started out in the administration department while she attended junior college, and she moved her way up to a position in the quality department, eventually becoming quality manager.

In that position, Jami brought the company into the 21st century by writing the procedures and elements of C&H’s quality management system. She also persuaded C&H employees to understand the importance of this procedure and explained that it was something they all must follow.

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