Is Lights-Out Manufacturing Right for You?

Read about steps a shop should consider taking while planning to implement a lights-out process.

Robot arm reaches into machine for material handling

Automating material handling is just one consideration for lights-out manufacturing.

Process planning is the key ingredient in manufacturing. Figuring out how best to allocate one’s available resources to accomplish the production goal in terms of quantity, quality and cost determines success or failure, profit or loss.

Looking at a move into lights-out manufacturing makes process planning even more of a critical factor. There is nobody around to fix it if it breaks.

In the article “Checklist for Lights-Out Manufacturing,” we create a checklist of steps a shop should consider taking in the process planning for implementing lights-out in a shop. The attraction to run unattended is strong, and the rewards can be  significant, but it needs to be well thought out prior to flipping the light switch off.