Low Unemployment Rates Turn the Tides in Hiring

Low unemployment rates are giving employees the upper hand in hiring. How are they responding, and what can employers do about it? 

After years of rough economic conditions that caused unemployment rates to skyrocket, the tables have turned in hiring. Now that the economy has improved, the job market favors candidates instead of employers. Unemployment rates are the lowest they have been in almost 20 years, and employers in a range of industries are having difficulties filling job openings.

This month’s About Your Business column covers a specific hiring issue employers are seeing: “employee ghosting,” which is when employees either fail to show up for work on the first day of a new job or quit without giving notice, or when potential employees do not arrive for scheduled interviews. Todd Palmer, president of Diversified Industrial Staffing, provides an overview of the causes of this trend and gives employers a few ways to help prevent it. Read “Employee ‘Ghosting’ May be the New Norm.”