Machining Book for Beginners

Although this book states it's for beginner hobbyists, it can be used to supplement on-the-job training for beginners, as well.


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“Machining for Hobbyists, Getting Started” Is a surprisingly complete and easy to understand book that can be used to supplement training on the job for beginners and a nice reference for those with a year or so on the job. Machining and measurement principles and techniques are clearly explained.

I was genuinely surprised to find some great nuggets, such as “The Basic Nomenclature of Measurement,” which clearly defines nominal size, allowance, limits, tolerance, basic size, unilateral tolerance; bilateral tolerance, precision and accuracy, in a little over a page.

The book includes nice graphics, sample calculations, and well done explanations on how to read a micrometer, vernier, as well as tables with feed and speed data for various types of materials for specific machining operations. It’s focused coverage of the essentials.

Do not confuse this book for a hobbyist project catalog. It contains clear and understandable text that explains the “how, why and what” of machining and the use of tools of our craft, and has nice photos, too. What I like the most is how the author really distills the information down to useful essentials and makes them understandable.


Originally posted on PMPAspeakingofprecision.com blog