Mazak Highlights New Technology at Discover 2019

Mazak's Discover 2019, held in November, featured 30 machining systems that are new to the North American market.


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In November, Mazak presented its Discover 2019 event, an education and technology showcase that drew thousands to its North American manufacturing headquarters in Florence, Kentucky. Coinciding with this event, the company's regional facilities hosted Discover More with Mazak events.

Discover 2019 demonstrated new technologies designed to increase efficiency and productivity to keep manufacturers competitive in today's automated and digital manufacturing world. The lineup included hybrid multitasking machines with additive manufacturing, friction stir welding, hot wire deposition and auto gear package; digital manufacturing solutions including mixed reality remote service support and a new machine spindle health monitoring system; and several new functions and features including artificial intelligence within Mazak's Smooth Technology manufacturing platform.


Dan Janka

Dan Janka, president of Mazak Corp., addressed the media explaining that the Mazak Discover events are organized to help customers stay on top of the latest potential manufacturing solutions so they do not need to wait for the next major manufacturing trade show. He says, “Mazak Discover continues to hold the distinction as the industry’s largest privately held manufacturing event in North America.”

“Today’s manufacturers face challenging production demands that shift on a daily basis, and they want immediate solutions to overcome them,” says Dan Janka, president of Mazak Corp. “In most instances, they don’t have the luxury of being able to wait for the next major manufacturing trade show to explore potential solutions." He says Mazak customers have come to rely on the Discover events for keeping up with the latest manufacturing advancements and strategies.



One of the turning highlights of the event was the QTU-350 HP with RoboJob. In addition to the attached RoboJob TA200 automation system, this made-in-Kentucky machine is designed for greater levels of process versatility while remaining at an affordable price point. It comes with a 30-hp (22 kW), 4,000-rpm turning spindle that delivers 295 ft-lbs (400 Nm) of torque. The machine’s integral spindle/motor headstock is designed for extreme rigidity in heavy-duty machining and precision in high-speed applications.

The event featured the theme, "Discover What We Can Do Together," and coincided with Mazak’s 100-year anniversary. The 30 machining systems on display are either completely new to the industry or were making their North American debuts. Several are Kentucky-produced models.

Quick Turn 250

Mazak’s Integrex Series was represented by several models, including the Integrex I-300ST with the new Spindle Health Monitor and the Integrex i-400S with the company’s latest control technology, the Mazatrol SmoothAI CNC. Some machines also included numerous automation solutions, such as the GR100 gantry loader that was paired with the Quick Turn 250MSY (shown here), which features an additional milling spindle, second turning spindle and Y-axis off-centerline machining capabilities.

Mazak collaborative partners also presented several learning seminars, and scheduled tours were provided of Mazak's iSMART Factory.


Integrex i-200ST AG

As Mazak’s newest line of manufacturing technology, each of the Hybrid multitasking machines had an example of a cutting-edge manufacturing technique paired with the Mazak machine’s subtractive capabilities. The Integrex i-200ST AG (shown here) featured Auto Gear, which leverages advanced manufacturing technology and the Smooth Gear Cutting software suite for gear hobbing, skiving and milling.

During the tours, visitors got to experience Mazak's latest investments in its own manufacturing facilities, including a new, completely automated manufacturing cell and the grand opening of an expanded and newly updated spindle rebuild department.