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MFG Day Events Seek to Change Perceptions of Manufacturing

The grassroots movement encourages companies feeling the effects of the skills gap to open their doors to the community and show what modern manufacturing is really like.


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The manufacturing industry is interconnected in such a way that oftentimes, problems that affect one company affect all of them. One issue that has been plaguing all aspects of the industry is the so-called “skills gap,” the lack of skilled workers to fill manufacturing jobs. This is persistent enough that industry members have banded together, forming a grassroots movement to help solve it.

Manufacturing Day was started in 2012 by a group of industry organizations with the goal of correcting misperceptions about manufacturing and connecting with younger generations. They sought out to accomplish this by organizing local events for students, parents and educators. These events can take many forms, including open houses like the one being hosted by CNC Software Inc. (creators of Mastercam), facility tours, job fairs and other events. The idea is that by opening their doors and engaging with the community, companies feeling the effects of the skills gap can show the public what modern manufacturing is really like.

This year’s Manufacturing Day is October 5. If that date does not work, companies are still encouraged to host these events throughout the month and year. If you are interested in hosting an event, want to find an event near you or are looking for other ways to support Manufacturing Day, visit mfgday.com.

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