Parts Cleaning

'Clean and Green' Seminars Offer VOC Compliance Training


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woman with safety glasses in a lab


Kyzen Corp.’s VOC compliance training seminars are continuing into 2018 with two opportunities exclusive to the metalworking industry. The first Clean and Green Seminar, April 18 and 19, is held at Stericycle in Inglewood, California, followed by a second seminar at the Ecoclean location in Michigan on May 23 and 24.

The technical sessions of the Clean and Green Seminar at Stericycle provide an in-depth review of the latest changes in solvent regulations affecting parts cleaning and a quick guide on how to become VOC compliant. A step-by-step guide explaining how to prevent corrosion at manufacturing facilities will also be presented. Throughout the day, there are opportunities for hands-on testing, and attendees are encouraged bring their own metal parts to test chemistries.

This event is part of Kyzen’s “Educating the Industry” initiative in which events are held across the country to educate users about the latest changes in government regulations affecting the manufacturing industry and the chemistries used in cleaning metal parts.

The training is free, but space is limited. Click here to register for the California Clean and Green Seminar.