Network Quickly Connects Machine Shops with Repair Estimates

This network connects service requesters to service providers and can be a fast way for a machine shop of any size to quickly compare estimates.


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machine operator looking for repair quotes on Up! app

Because The Up! App includes service providers of all types, service requesters can choose who they prefer to work on their repairs. (Photo credits: The Up! App)

When a shop has machine tool service needs, the first thought might be to directly contact the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) or distributor to request repairs. But that option may or may not be the most practical or cost effective, depending on the type of repair needed. When service is needed quickly, a network that connects service requesters (machine shops) to any type of service provider (including OEMs, distributors and independent providers) can be the fastest way for a machine shop of any size to compare repair quotes at one time.

The Up! App (the name refers to machine tool uptime) does just that by providing a space for machine shops to submit a request for service by entering their machine tools by OEM and model number with the option to include accompanying photos, videos and/or text chat to help explain the problem. Then, a service provider who is knowledgeable about the machine type can respond with an estimate or a comment using the chat function. The two parties can chat back and forth, and even do a video call, which is Up!’s newest functionality.

Having the ability to chat or do a live video call through the app prior to a service call enables the service requester to develop a desired comfort level with the service provider to decide whether the provider can help with a particular repair. The video camera within the app, which is independent of the device being used, can also be a tool to help demonstrate the repair needed. This additional information can give the provider the ability to estimate more accurately.

Because the network includes service providers of all types, service requesters can choose who they prefer to work with on their repairs. “If a shop has a significant problem with a machine tool, the best option for them might be an OEM-trained specialist,” says Dave Rhodes, director of sales and customer success. “However, if a machine only needs routine maintenance, maybe they can send that to The Up! App and have a service tech nearby come out, and it might even cost less.”

Also, if a shop needs a machine repaired that is out of warranty or not in a service contract and it wants options on an estimated price and availability, this app can be equally as helpful. “Shops have the option to use the app to find a service provider that can be at their facility in a matter of hours or within a couple of days,” Rhodes adds.

video screen on smartphone

The Up! App’s video chat capability enables video diagnostics and more accurate estimates.

Regardless of the type of service provider chosen, service requesters can rest assured that they are finding quality providers, according to Rhodes. He says that although the network does not have a vetting process for service providers, service providers set up a profile within the network that enables them to upload any certificate of accomplishment, training or insurance, or any other documentation that authenticates their level of services. The profile also allows them space to describe their capabilities as providers. “Most, if not all, of our independent providers have worked for an OEM or distributor at some point,” he explains.

The requester will also see an average rating for a service provider when submitting a request and when receiving quotes, Rhodes says. “Our average star rating is about 4.6, and we are proud of that,” he adds.

The Up! App, which is free for all parties to use, launched right before the International Manufacturing Technology Show (IMTS) 2018 and has since grown to 2,300 active users of the network via its iPhone and Android app as well as the desktop PC version. Service requesters make up 70% of its users and the remaining 30% are service providers.

Although Up! is called an app, it also works the same on a desktop PC and developers hope it is acknowledged for its highly skilled network where machine shops can go to receive competitive estimates. “It’s about the services it provides, and it just happens to be delivered in an app or desktop platform,” Rhodes explains.

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