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New Book Supports the Future of U.S. Manufacturing

Terry Iverson’s book examines changing perceptions about manufacturing and explores the importance of mentoring young people to become the next generation to strengthen the industry.


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As part of a wave of manufacturing professionals who are spreading positive messages about the industry’s technology-driven culture and career tracks, Terry M. Iverson, president/CEO of Iverson & Co. (a machine tool distributorship and rebuilder in Des Plaines, Illinois), is sharing his message supporting U.S. manufacturing by authoring his first book. In “Finding America’s Greatest Champion: Building Prosperity through Manufacturing, Mentoring and the Awesome Responsibility of Parenting,” Terry examines changing perceptions on topics such as how people view the art of manufacturing, view the return on the prototypical college education and contend with student loan debt. He also explores the importance of mentoring young people to become the next generation to strengthen America’s manufacturing industry.

While spending a year researching and writing his book, Terry interviewed more than 40 professionals, including elite athletes, executives, parents, clergy, media personalities and leaders in manufacturing, education and politics. Throughout the book, these professionals contribute their thoughts on topics such as mentorship, parenting and the importance of manufacturing in the U.S.

“Parents and educators, businesses, and America’s culture must strive to better prepare our youth of tomorrow,” Terry says. “While I am passionate about manufacturing, the overarching message is that we, as parents, must listen to what lights up our children. So many parents can empower their children or mentor others.”

Besides owning Iverson & Company, Terry also founded ChampionNow!, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that introduces young people to manufacturing careers by changing their perceptions, engaging them in internships and inspiring them with videos and presentations.

“I hope to influence the perception of manufacturing in education and in the minds of young people and their parents. Equally important, I want people to know they have choices and that some young people can excel in manufacturing beyond their wildest dreams.”

The 300-page, 14-chapter book that debuted during IMTS 2018 can be ordered online at championnow.org.

Read Terry’s recent column in Production Machining’s October issue, titled “Stepping Up to the Plate.”




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